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Antonia Toncheva BSc

Biobank Technician

Antonia graduated in Biology and Medical Laboratory Research from HAN University of Applied Sciences, in the Netherlands, while participating in an exchange program at Dundee University, Scotland.

She majored in Biochemistry, and in 2017 joined a research laboratory at Imperial College London. The focus of the research was investigating
E-cadherin-dependent cell-cell contacts in cancer metastasis. Additionally, she was designing and conducting experiments to better understand the spatial and temporal distribution of proteins in the autophagic pathway.

Antonia is now working as a Biobank Technician at Guy’s Cancer Centre since March 2019. She is associated with two longitudinal clinical studies – TRACERx (Tracking cancer evolution through therapy) and PEACE (Posthumous evaluation of advanced cancer environment) as well as providing support to the KHP Cancer Biobank.


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