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The King’s Health Partners Gynaecological Cancer Biobank was established in 2022. The Gynae Biobank collects tissue, blood, ascites and clinical information from patients at their initial diagnoses or at relapse. Currently we collect malignant tissue from patients affected by cancer of female reproductive tract, including ovary, uterus, endometrium, and cervix. Specimens are collected following resections or biopsies that take place at Guy’s and St Thomas hospitals.


The aim of the Gynae Biobank is to provide tissue, blood, and derivatives alongside with clinical and pathological data to researchers to better understand and develop new treatments of female reproductive tract cancer.


Tissue and data can be shared with local, national, and international collaborators. Applications to use samples or data from the King’s Health Partners Gynae Cancer Biobank are accepted from investigators in both academic and commercial sectors.    

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