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Julie Owen FIBMS

Breast Advanced Practitioner

Julie is an experienced HCPC registered Biomedical Scientist specializing in cellular pathology. During her long career she has worked for the UK Health Service, pharmaceutical industry and academia. She started her training at the Birmingham Children’s hospital, gaining extensive and broad experience in tissue sectioning, tinctorial staining, immunohistochemistry, enzyme histochemistry and electron microscopy experience which she built upon whilst working at larger general hospitals together with qualifying as a cervical cytology screener.​ In 1999, Julie moved to Pfizer in Sandwich, working in Discovery Biology. She was recognised internally as an immunohistochemistry specialist for the demonstration of target proteins in tissue sections, providing extensive investigative histology decision making for target validation, animal model validation and confidence in rational.

Following Pfizer’s closure in 2011, Julie moved into her present role as Advanced Practitioner in Breast Biobanking at King’s College. Her principle role is the acquisition of breast tissue from surgical resection samples for the KHP Cancer Biobank, clinical trials, breast research projects and, most notably, for the 100K Genome Project. Julie oversees immunohistochemistry method development and documentation together with the training of staff and students in all aspects of histological techniques. More recently, she has diversified her role and now supports tissue collection from other disease groups within the biobank as required by the Clinical Research teams.

Julie is a keen cat lover which can clearly be seen by her extensive range of cat themed clothes. Finally, Julie prides herself in having an extensive working knowledge of the Southeastern delay and repay scheme.


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