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Susan Ndagire MRes BSc MIBMS
Thoracic Advanced Practitioner

Susan Ndagire is a HCPC and IBMS registered scientist with 10 years of experience in diagnostic histopathology. As an advanced thoracic practitioner at the KHP Cancer Biobank, Susan is responsible for the organisation of the thoracic tissue pathway including specimen dissection, data collection and supporting researchers and research studies.​​

Before she joined the Biobank, she was employed as a Biomedical Scientist at St. Thomas’s Hospital, working on the 100.000 genomes project. Her key role was to guarantee the delivery of 100K at St. Thomas’s hospital. This involved communication with 5 different teams on a regular basis, organising 8 different tissue pathways and ensuring the collection of diagnostic histological specimens form theatres, assisting with the selection and preparation of 100K tissue samples for DNA extraction.


Susan likes plants and enjoys reading and travelling.


KHP Cancer Biobank Research Team/s

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