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Your Data

Along with your samples, it is often important for researchers to have certain information from patient’s medical records.  We ask for your permission to check your records at regular intervals whilst storing your samples and provide this relevant information to researchers when requested.

Medical information collected may include:

  • Details about your diagnosis, treatments and response to treatment.

  • Family history.

  • Other illnesses you have or medications you may take. 

  • Smoking and drinking habits. 


Biobank staff gather this information in strict confidence and information provided to researchers will always be anonymised as with your samples, which means it cannot be traced back to you.  Moreover, all research projects are reviewed and approved by an ethics committee, and there are laws and regulations in place to secure the whole procedure.    Biobank staff follow all current rules applying to patient confidentiality, data protection, transfer and storage.

More information on our privacy notice can be found here:

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