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Sample Types

King’s Health Partners Breast Cancer Biobank stores tissue and data from patients diagnosed or treated at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust since 1974.  Tissues and their derivatives have associated pathological data and patient demographic, clinical and follow-up information.

Breast Sample types table v2.0.png

Data Collection

More than 100 data items are collected prospectively on each patient from the time of diagnosis through to death from any cause. These include the following examples;


Demographic: Age at diagnosis; menopausal status; ethnicity; family history; postcode; pregnancy history and hormone treatment

Clinical: Tumour size; stage; treatment types and duration.

Pathological: Tumour size, type and grade; ER, PR and HER2 status.

Follow-up: Time to local and distant recurrence; distant recurrence site; time to last seen in clinic; time to and cause of death.

Academic Lead: Prof Sarah Pinder

Application Co-ordinator​: Dr Cheryl Gillett

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